Engine Building

Oselli have been engineers to the motor trade since 1962. Rebuilding and performance enhancing road and race engines alike. With all these years 'in the trade' no one could be more experienced.

All our engines whether they be customer own units or exchange, are individually built to order and personalised accordingly. No mass production here! All engines are fully reconditioned to the highest standards, with the best quality parts.

Our engines come with multiple options and upgrades. Of course we can stick to originality and supply a ‘period’ specification engine. However, If you are looking for a more comfortable drive, or more power, or extra reassurance and reliability, we can build you an engine that meets your needs and that is suitable to todays climate and driving.

The cylinder block and head castings are stripped and chemically cleaned to remove all corrosion and crack tested to ensure serviceability. The cylinder block is then bored out to the desired spec and all heads converted to unleaded fuel specification. Again, dependent upon spec the head is then rebuilt to standard or modified specifications. Porting and flowing stage 2 or large valve stage 3 option.

Over the years we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop engines to ensure optimum performance for the desired specification is reached. Our engines go under rigorous quality checking and testing prior to leaving our facility, including fully run and bench testing.

With all these years of experience you can rest assured our engines are second to none.

MGA Engines

Engine Price
1500cc Standard lead free balanced engine 3200.00
1500cc Stage 2 lead free balanced engine with clutch 3895.00
1598 cc Standard lead free balanced engine 3550.00
1588cc Stage 2 lead free balanced engine with clutch 3895.00
1622cc standard lead free balanced engine 3900.00
1622cc stage 2 lead free balanced engine with clutch 4150.00

MGB Engines

Engine Price
1800cc standard lead free unit 2800.00
1800cc standard lead free unit with fast road camshaft and balanced. 3200.00
1840cc Fast road specification stage 2 head and balanced with clutch and flywheel 3650.00
1950cc standard lead free unit 3495.00
  1950cc fast road stage 2 fully balanced with clutch and lightened flywheel 3850.00
  2200 Fast road Oselli high torque performance engine achieved with billeted crank with increased stroke ! 6750.00

A Series Engines

Engine Price
Standard Lead free engine* 2800.00
Standard lead free with fast road camshaft and balanced* 3200.00
Stage two lead free engine with fast road camshaft and balanced* 3650.00
1293cc Fast road stage two balanced with clutch 3760.00
1380cc Fast road stage two balanced with clutch 4195.00
1400cc Fast road stage three balanced with clutch 5050.00

Oselli undertakes all types of machining, please contact us for more information and a quote.


Phone: +44 (0)1993 849610
E-mail: david.eales@oselli.com

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